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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

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An online tracking system that streamlines the tasks all trainers do.


Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate Yourself

Take your business to the next level & maintain a competitive advantage!


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PT PRO is a simple but incredibly powerful tool.


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5 Things Every Trainer Needs

5 Personal Trainer Must Haves: Let’s face it, as trainers we fight the daily battle of the bulge with our clients.  Most clients are regular folks and 95% of them need to lose fat, gain some strength and mobility. These days lots of trainers are talking about proper movement patterns and using every “new” trinket to hit the market.  That stuff is important and fun and part of the process, but is that going to get your clients the results they desire and came to you for? What do you think is the most critical thing you should be teaching your clients?  In my book it’s all about educating clients on the un-varnished truth about their individual condition, reaction to exercise and diet.  Understanding and education is a huge part of the process. And we want them to engage in the process of achieving their goal. Measurable and predicable results … every time: So what are the basic tools every trainer needs in order to provide this education?  We are talking about tools for a fast paced Personal Trainer Pro who wants to deliver predictable, measureable results which motivate clients and builds a sustainable business. One of the first things taught in business school is that you cannot achieve what you do not measure.  Demonstrating client success...

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FREE Movement Principles from Cook

Here are “FREE Movement Principles” from Cook that you need to consider for your clients! You know, there are incredible people who work in our Industry who bring concepts and ideas to the forefront for all to benefit from. Gray Cook is such a man. (Download his latest document – Gray Cook Movement Principles) The functional movement screening is well accepted in our Industry and quite frankly it’s awesome. The merit it brings to the training equation is incredible! Back 20 years ago, no one was talking about this stuff that I knew. As a trainer, you just had to relax, think about human movement and physiology and figure out peoples junk. Bottom line, the onset of the Functional Movement Screen (which is a reflection of these Movement Principles from Cook) has shifted the focus of many personal trainer to fix movement patterns before loading weight … and so on. Here’s his latest document I received from Equinox. (Deep Respect for Equinox … they are truly pioneers).  In this document, he boils his 10 Movement Principles down to 3. Talk about trying to make it more simple! The 3 he first describes “are the critical thinking you need to observe, screen, assess, treat and develop movement. The original 10 principles still apply as maxims or action points, so...

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Guidelines for Trainers

These FREE Strategic Guidelines for Trainers, without question, will help you grow your business. Remember: Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Plug these guidelines for trainers and coaches into your business now. These methods lead to success and I know they’ll help. These guidelines are PROVEN to work. A solid Foundation of clients makes maintaining and building your business easy.  Here are some insights you’ll need to consider.    Strategic Guidelines for Trainers: Contact ALL clients who...

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Must Have Food Prep Rituals

Simple Food Rituals enhance client success. Helping clients master food prep will simplify their results!   As you know it is not easy to change the way your clients think …  But this can help! Our friends at Precision Nutrition always make the best info-graphics to shed light effectively. Clients who eat clean get great results.  Implement this approach by showing them this! Everyone who is successful has rituals! Clients love this stuff and it helps them embrace a new,...

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Thinking about Opening a Gym or Studio?

If you are thinking about opening a gym or a studio here are a few things you’ll want to consider. FROM THE EXPERTS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE OPENING YOUR OWN FITNESS STUDIO A little “know-how” could easily prevent failure. Our Mike D’ (Boston, MA) and two other experienced Fit Pros: Debi Teeple (Fishers, Indiana) and Mike Beauchamp (Long Beach, California) were interviewed by ProSource Magazine! Read ACE ProSource Article here. It is good food for thought before you...

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