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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

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An online tracking system that streamlines the tasks all trainers do.


Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate Yourself

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PT PRO is a simple but incredibly powerful tool.


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NBC Premier Strong #TeamDurkin

This is going to be off the hook!   Fitness Professionals everywhere could learn from this NBC Premier “Strong”   The best insights we can get from this new NBC Series Strong is how critical it is  to get inside the minds of our clients.   Mindset might be the one thing that matters most.  Is your mind right?  Watch this for some insights that will impact you and the people you touch!   And no one does this better than my friend and fellow Fit Pro Todd Durkin.  #TeamDurkin.   Todd Durkin walks the walk and talks the talk. Not only for his clients, but for all the Fit Pros he coaches in his Mastermind. Another interesting twist to this show is the trainers and the client have to work together as a team, against the other teams. Learn more here: NBC Premier Strong #TeamDurkin   So my question will be why did they name the show “Strong”?   Physically Strong?   Mentally Strong?   Spiritualy Strong?   Needless to say, I think this is going to be an insightful TV series from which we all can grow!   Everyone wins … including us!   Enjoy the show,   Mike   ——————————————————————————————— Here is the beginning of the e-mail I received from Todd: Mike,...

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Free Business Tool Kit

FREE for 5 days – Business Owners Toolbox for Trainers  ~~ download/Kindle. Increase productivity… increase revenue… and more free time. That’s a tall order! My friend Doug Holt, who I look too for social media / internet related marketing info and tools, put this book together for people like us!   It’s FREE if you download it now … It’s a collection of the latest and greatest tools that some of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs use these days. These tools will make your life easier and help you grow your business. But if you don’t know they are available … how can you make your life easier? This is an amazing resource. The sooner you get this online stuff under your bent … the better, and it is easy!! Cut the learning curve and jump right to the head of the line! Using the right tools can make all the difference, just ask us 😉    As they say, “The right tool, for the right job.” #truth  Leverage the right tool makes a once impossible task easy. Get the right tools here!   The Business Owners Toolbox aims to do just that – provide you with resources to grow your business and save you time and money. If you are already convinced – claim...

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Lean In with Amanda Mittleman

Winner of the 2016 Todd Durkin “Mastermind Trainer of the Year.” BodyEvolver Video Interview With Amanda Mittleman of Mo-Mentum Fitness. Listen, watch or read her inspiring story. Amanda’s Interview Trailer! Amanda Mittleman is a vibrant, passionate trainer out of Huntington Beach, California. Her excitement and enthusiasm for what she does is absolutely contagious – just watch this video interview she did with Mike, and you’ll be itching to get after your goals! Amanda’s interest in anatomy and physiology came out...

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Kaitlin’s (Real World) Experience with a Fitbit

“Sitting is the new smoking.”   By Kaitlin Pisano   This phrase has become HUGELY popular recently in the corporate world of health and wellness.  My 9-5 full-time gig is in an office, where I spend most of my day sitting on my butt staring at a computer screen, and I bet that’s the case for a LOT of your clients. Since my job involves working with Human Resources departments across many different industries, I have a unique perspective...

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FREE Movement Principles from Cook

Here are “FREE Movement Principles” from Cook that you need to consider for your clients! You know, there are incredible people who work in our Industry who bring concepts and ideas to the forefront for all to benefit from. Gray Cook is such a man. (Download his latest document – Gray Cook Movement Principles) The functional movement screening is well accepted in our Industry and quite frankly it’s awesome. The merit it brings to the training equation is incredible! Back 20 years...

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