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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

What is PT Pro?

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An online tracking system that streamlines the tasks all trainers do.


Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate Yourself

Take your business to the next level & maintain a competitive advantage!


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PT PRO is a simple but incredibly powerful tool.


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FitnessFest Discount

For the first time, get your FitnessFest Discount because we are Sponsoring! We’ll be running the Obstacle Course. LOOK OUT!! So, lace up your sneakers and let’s go! Get your discount NOW before the price goes up!   Going to great events like this is how you stay ahead of your competition. Meeting other inspiring Fitness Professionals while earning CEU’s and learning how to grow your Fitness Business … this is a great event to attend! This is the workshop I’ll be presenting on Sat at 8am. (Right after the Obstacle Course)  It is all about getting system in place to get your “Assessments On Point”, get and stay organized and drive sales and retention! “Nothing is more important than your clients’ results! Learn why assessing and re-assessing progress is the best way to build not just a sustainable business, but a thriving one…whether private, group training or online. Accelerate the growth of your training business using technology designed specifically to deliver the results you and your clients want. Streamline, Organize, Dominate.”  Mike D’ There is a huge selection of other amazing workshops and seminars to attend, all designed to equip you with cutting edge tools, strategies and insights you’ll have instant access too! Click the link to get your FitnessFest Discount. Tara will be...

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Do Your Job

I love the city of Boston!  Today, the saying “Do your Job!” is ringing clearly. After spending 24 years on this very block of Boylston St. training thousands of people.  To me, this is right in the middle of everything “Boston!” Today will be no exception. It is early and the city is prepped to celebrate the greatest Superbowl ever. Why? Because the Patriots did one simple thing. This block of Boylston St is where I have done my job. Between all the Championship parades for Red Sox, Celtics and Pats, not to mention this is also two blocks from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. On this block I have witnessed all of it. I remember when I graduated from college in ’94 I said to myself “If I am going to have a career as a personal trainer this is where I need to be”. That was a strategic choice and within a day I had in interview at a great place because my buddy Brenden was a Concierge at the Copley Plaza. (1 block in the other direction) IT WAS THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE. In the process, I have learned from the incredible people I have had the honor of serving and getting to know …  while doing my...

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BodyEvolver Testimonial from our friend Jason

Jason has a thriving training business in Ohio   He randomly sent us this Testimonial Video     This dude gets it done!   He has two podcasts, wrote a great book (Links below video) and helps his clients lose hundreds of pounds.  Literally, and we would know! Thank you Jason from “Rev Fit” for this BodyEvolver testimonial, it means more than we can express.   New to BodyEvolver?  This 2 minute video explains at a high level what we...

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Offering Online Programs yet?

Offering online programs to your clients is now easy. This makes it possible for you to generate multiple streams of income as a Fitness Professional. To learn more keep reading and watch the video.   Fitness Professionals who are serious about their careers know that it is only a matter of time before they will need to get there business online for them to survive.   Maybe you do private or group training but also want to offer online consulting. This...

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NBC Premier Strong #TeamDurkin

This is going to be off the hook!   Fitness Professionals everywhere could learn from this NBC Premier “Strong”   The best insights we can get from this new NBC Series Strong is how critical it is  to get inside the minds of our clients.   Mindset might be the one thing that matters most.  Is your mind right?  Watch this for some insights that will impact you and the people you touch!   And no one does this...

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