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What Trainers & Clients are Saying About BodyEvolver PT Pro

Facility Owners

Derek Christensen - Boston, MA 
Founder Revolution Fitness
 "We’re ecstatic to offer this amazing service to all of our clients.  We can’t go wrong with this technologically advanced system; members rave about the compelling results they’re getting. We are witnessing amazing things through our training department!" 

Joan Lindley, A.C.E.
San Diego, CA
Owner of Sweat Personal Training Studio
"Without of doubt, BodyEvolver has positively impacted my business on every level.  I love it and clients love it!  As a matter of fact, I believe so strongly in BodyEvolver (and Mike and JT) that I begged them to let me join the company!"

Michael P. Streby - Boston, MA
Health & Wellness Director Greater Boston YMCA
"I'm glad we had signed up for this solution three years ago. What an amazing difference it has made!" 


Personal Trainers

Tara Iula - Plymouth, MA  
Master Trainer and Yoga specialist
"For 3 years now, BodyEvolver has made it easy for me to track and organize my entire clientele with the click of a few buttons.  My business has grown and my reputation for getting results has lead to more referrals. BodyEvolver makes it easy to be an effective fitness professional.

Clients love the feedback BodyEvolver provides. It educates in a visual way which makes grasping new concepts easy for people who don’t understand fitness.  Plus, it is incredibly motivating for clients to see the result of their hard work, other than just in the mirror. It encourages continued desire to set new goals!

BE can pin-point goal dates based on the science of exercise and nutrition making it so easy to help my clients. It explains in black and white were a person is at and were they should be, along with HOW TO GET THERE!!

I can track birthdays and keep in touch with clients that have moved or just fallen off track.  I can manage my business much easier with BodyEvolver.  Thank you BodyEvolver!!"

Jennifer Barry - CPT - NASM, AFAA, Mad-Dogg
BA - Marketing (Northeastern University)
BS - Exercise & Health Science (University of Massachusetts)
"BodyEvolver software is a great interactive program that has helped me in multiple ways.  By using this unique system I have taking my personal training business to the next level. The body composition aspect of the software helps to track and analyze body fat as well the goal setting component which tracks caloric intake vs. expenditure, specific to each client. 

As a lifestyle and fitness coach, it is important for me to keep my clienteles’ information organized and up-to-date, and BodyEvolver is the perfect tool.  Not only can I keep track of multiple clients’ information with interactive databases, but it also helps me share and interpret information for them in ways that are relative and meaningful. 

This piece of cutting edge technology truly helps me making my business that much more personal and professional.  For my clients, it helps them to understand and visualize their personal data as well as having an interactive and measurable way to track their progress.  These factors have served to help my clients reach their personal fitness goals, as well as enhance my experience and rapport with them.  I recommend BodyEvolver to everyone looking to improve themselves, both professionally and personally, in the world of health and fitness."

Brent Lake - Palo Alto, California
Personal Trainer at Equinox
"The Body Evolver software is a great tool for trainers to track their clients’ progress. I’ve been using it for a few years now and it’s helped me retain existing clients and recruit new ones. To be able to show a client what it will take nutritionally and training-wise to reach their goals is invaluable to a trainer. Meanwhile, the progress section is a great retention tool for existing customers. I highly recommend the software to any trainer looking for an edge over the competition."

Joseph Turmel - Boston,MA
"I have never seen a better tool build specifically for personal trainers. It's incredible!"

Greg Corso, NSCA CSCS
Miami, Florida
Sports Club LA/Miami

"I’ve been using the BodyEvolver software for 6 months now and it’s dramatically increased my personal training business. Taking body composition measurements used to be somewhat of an annoyance: I had to create a form for tracking, record measurements on paper, then run them through formulas and check them with charts. Now everything is streamlined and there are no mistakes and no guesswork. Everything you need is right there in the software in a logical and professional system that’s simple to follow. I’ve recently been using other aspects of the system to get back in touch with lost clients and increase retention of current clients. It’s a must-have for any trainer serious about being competitive in the rapidly growing industry."

Chi Bang - Boston, MA
"It has been a pivotal tool in showing clients the clear path to fitness and achieving their potential. Since subscribing to the program, I've seen a greater increase in client retention. When clients see real numbers that directly correlate to them, it makes more sense to them rather than fitness being just theoretical."

Brendan L. McKee, CPT
Director of Mentoring and Coach
InnerCity Weightlifting
MFD Training
Black Bear Energy Athlete & Account Rep
Revolution Fitness
"BodyEvolver as a fat loss measurement tool and as a client database has been essential in developing and operating my training business.  By using BodyEvolver as a way to show clients where they are and where they want to go, you help create tangible goals that are easy to follow and hold clients accountable. From tracking expenditure relative to intake and fat loss relative to muscle gained, it has everything you need to attract and retain a loyal clientele.  BodyEvolver is a system based on numbers and numbers never lie!"


Alex Hall - Boston, MA
"In other programs, I’ve struggled because I was never able to see the whole picture. But going through the process of body composition and tracking it over time helped me understand how to reach my goals, and how to make smarter life decisions outside the gym -- which brought about rapid results."

        Elaine Harrington - Boston, MA
"With less than six months to get in shape for my wedding, I needed a solid, foolproof plan of attack. Mike D’Angelo and the BodyEvolver Software were just that: solid and foolproof. My trainer plugged my numbers into the program along with my weight loss goal and how much time I had to reach my goal.  It printed out exactly how many calories I could take in per day and how many calories I had to burn through cardio and strength training. There was no big mystery, no drama, no questions. It just made sense. I lost 35 pounds and went from 38% body fat to 22% body fat. At the age of 40, I was in better shape than I was in my 20’s!!!"

  Liz Anderson - Boston, MA - Mother of 4
 "It is hard to believe I was ever that large... but great to have accomplished the change. I could have never made such strides in that length of time without you and your program. You taught me how to work harder than I thought I could time after time.... and not to mention smarter too!

I consider my opportunity to have worked with you a great honor. You are talented, wise, and a beautiful person both inside and out. ... Your knowledge, coupled with the gift you have for working with and inspiring people are what really set you apart! "

  Paula - Boston, MA
"Mike and BodyEvolver, you totally changed my life! I cannot believe what a body I have! I'm Hot! As you know I've always had a weight problem & just never thought I had it in me to do what I've done. You taught me the Right way to get fit & Stay healthy and for that, I thank you! ...

I have truly worked my butt off (literally!) but you always made it fun. Lots of fun! I'm looking forward to setting new goals & working with you this next year! I'm just getting started!

  Joe McMahon - Boston, MA
"With Mike's training system BodyEvolver, I have rediscovered life after the office. I have a new focus on energy, fitness, and getting in shape. This program rocks!  I'm back on track physically and mentally."

 Michael Orlando - Boston, MA
"I didn't think I could ever have enough time, endurance or understanding of how to get to my ideal weight and body potential. With Mike and BodyEvolver, I've set attainable goals, learned what makes up a good workout and "mapped out" how to do it.
"I've reduced my body fat by 50%, gained 10 lbs of lean body mass, increased my strength, and developed good diet/ sleep and cardio routines to continue in this direction!"

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