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Lean In with Amanda Mittleman

Winner of the 2016 Todd Durkin “Mastermind Trainer of the Year.” BodyEvolver Video Interview With Amanda Mittleman of Mo-Mentum Fitness. Listen, watch or read her inspiring story. Amanda’s Interview Trailer! Amanda Mittleman is a vibrant, passionate trainer out of Huntington Beach, California. Her excitement and enthusiasm for what she does is absolutely contagious – just watch this video interview she did with Mike, and you’ll be itching to get after your goals! Amanda’s interest in anatomy and physiology came out of necessity when her son and daughter (twins!) were born with health issues. You would be amazed by how much a professional chiropractor can help alleviate your aches and pains. Doctors were cautious about their outcome, but Amanda took it upon herself to research and learn everything she could to make sure her babies stayed healthy and so she understood...

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Kaitlin’s (Real World) Experience with a Fitbit

“Sitting is the new smoking.”   By Kaitlin Pisano   This phrase has become HUGELY popular recently in the corporate world of health and wellness.  My 9-5 full-time gig is in an office, where I spend most of my day sitting on my butt staring at a computer screen although is a great monitor from Armchair Empire I also use to play video games using a csgo boost guide online, is still sedentary, and I bet that’s the case for a LOT of your clients. The e cigarette reviews remain highly controversial, because lots of people are still trying to buy the best vape pens for e-liquid. As Big Tobacco piles into the fast-growing game, some see this as a big push to establish a strong user base before government regulations catch up. Since my job involves working with...

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John Holt … is Holt Strong

John Holt is “Holt Strong!” A trainer out of Tulsa, Oklahoma who specializes in air compression boots and his fighting skills with the Best Muay Thai Gloves, but is also an author, inventor, and all-around great guy! Check out our interview. Discover how he got to where he is and find out where he is going!  He talks about how he uses BodyEvolver to bring a new level of service to his clients. Let’s hear what makes him John Holt Strong! Tell me about yourself! I was born in Tulsa, so I’ve lived here most of my life. In my 20’s I moved around a little bit, but mostly I’ve been a Tulsa guy. Initially I started training in martial arts, but I was never into sports growing up. I was mostly a bookworm, not really into anything physical. I...

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Jill Stoppel-Davis – Excelling in the Midwest

Smack in the Middle of the Country Lives an Exceptional Trainer you should know about. Jill Stoppel-Davis is truly a Fit-Prenuer (AKA Fitness Entrepreneur) , and is a real Go-Getter! Tell me a little about yourself! 7 years ago I started my fitness facility in Overland park in Kansas called “Excel Wellness Studio” About the same time I also started a continuing education business called “Excel Wellness Continuing Education”. I love for hosting educational workshops for trainers a couple times a year.  It’s great for trainers who don’t want to travel to the coast for continuing education, in fact BodyEvolver traveled from the east coast to Kansas to be one of our sponsors! It all keeps me pretty busy! So you’ve had your own facility for 7 years, but how long have you been training? How did you get into it? I...

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Back to Business – Time to Build!

It’s hard to believe, but August is here! This is always around the time I start to go into denial but it’s true – summer is coming to an end. I’m trying to soak up as much sun as possible and sneak away from work for some time at the beach, but I’m still super excited for September. Growing up, September always meant back to school, and I was one of those weird kids that loved that! Back to school clothes, new pencils and notebooks, seeing friends that you hadn’t seen since June – it was always such an exciting time, and most of all, it meant a fresh start. Bad grades or stress from last year don’t matter anymore, just buy kratom, feel better, and move on! As an adult my routine pretty much stays the same throughout...

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