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Barefoot, or not to Barefoot

That is the question! Last week, my friend Jill and I were discussing whether we should barefoot, or not to barefoot.

Barefoot training is powerful

Barefoot training is new cool

We are both excited about this course. It’s so cool how we continue to learn things that often go unnoticed … and in this case for decades.  The more we understand our bodies and the way they work, the more empowered we are to “dial it in” and improve our function as we age.

Enhancing your connection to your body is something everyone should consider. Sadly, most do not.

Jill asked me to share what I am seeing everyday on the East Coast of the USA in Boston.

Listen in on the conversation:

Understanding this will have serious impact on ourselves and our clients.

Seeking to understand never gets old!

This insight is worthy of “seeking to understand” and then consciously apply to ourselves first, then our clients.

Get your clients grounded

Get your clients grounded

When you consider the neurological connection needed to attain and maintain balance to your body through your feet … the answer is obvious!   This workshop will be a deep dive into that!

Here is the link to check it out! Excel Wellness Continuing Education’s Movement from the Ground Up: Barefoot Training or the Barefoot Training Specialist Certification on Saturday, November 11th. Through barefoot science, fascial fitness and neuromuscular conditioning, learn how to optimize your client’s movement.   Dr Emily Splichal is the authority expert and I am excited to dive into this for the entire day!

The depth and speed in which we are understanding human physiology is exciting. It is exciting that there is so much to explore and consider. That provides the opportunity to then better serve our clients. Hope to see you there!

(Oh, photo and location cred goes to Chi Bang at Clientel3 and Brendan McKee at )

Mike D’


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