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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

Build Client Fitness Plans

Fitness Planning has Never Been Easier


Exclusive to BodyEvolver, the Goals Page will Blow your Mind!

BodyEvolver’s Goals page, is a standout feature and is what makes it different from other body measurement systems.

Watch how this incredible tool works:

Amazing right?  Clients love it!!

Using the information presented in your clients BodyCheck and Essential Reports you can plan a fitness program based on scientific fact.

Illustrate the cause and effect relationship between your client’s intake and expenditure and how they impact each other. Leading to a clear understanding of their training program and increased adherence. BodyEvolver makes it easier for your clients to understand how everyday decisions impact their results.

This interactive tool considers the 3 major components of fitness; Nutrition, Cardio and Resistance Training. Use the touch interface “slider controls” to easily set your desired plan. Sit back and watch the analyzer do all the math for you!

Using this page with your client will help them understand the “Fitness Equation”. Understanding and knowledge leads to smarter choice by the client when you are not around. This drastically effects the results they get.


New touch screen interfaces allow you to adjust goals and change predictions in seconds.

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You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

You need to be leveraging this technology to build your business.

Get amazing results.

Hold clients accountable.

Track results and allow clients to login and see their amazing results!

… and in general fall even deeper in love with what you do!




You’re smart to get your business online.

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