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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

Two Step Client Communication Guide

Client communication makes or breaks your business. It makes sales easy, guarantees retention and delivers free referrals. Seriously. This “Two Step Client Communication Guide” breaks down the elements that matter.   This was put together for two reasons: Share these seldom used tactics for the greater good of our community of personal training and coaching. Announcement to our subscribers about another system upgrade that improves communication. After spending years interviewing Fitness Professionals about their client on-boarding process, I’ve realized that simple methods are typically not implemented. That is why this message needs to be shared so we can advance our field while improving our chances of success.   WARNING:   This is not for trainers and coaches who: Put their own needs before the client. Are more interested in showing cool new exercises and awesome workouts instead of listening to the client. Think “quick hit” manipulative sales is great long-term game in...

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Do Your Job

I love the city of Boston!  Today, the saying “Do your Job!” is ringing clearly. After spending 24 years on this very block of Boylston St. training thousands of people.  To me, this is right in the middle of everything “Boston!” Today will be no exception. It is early and the city is prepped to celebrate the greatest Superbowl ever. Why? Because the Patriots did one simple thing. This block of Boylston St is where I have done my job. Between all the Championship parades for Red Sox, Celtics and Pats, not to mention this is also two blocks from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. On this block I have witnessed all of it. I remember when I graduated from college in ’94 I said to myself “If I am going to have a career as a...

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Offering Online Programs yet?

Offering online programs to your clients is now easy. This makes it possible for you to generate multiple streams of income as a Fitness Professional. To learn more keep reading and watch the video.   Fitness Professionals who are serious about their careers know that it is only a matter of time before they will need to get there business online for them to survive.   Maybe you do private or group training but also want to offer online consulting. This is where it is all going, might as well jump in. I can tell you that the water is great! Whoop Whoop!   Seriously This is a critical element in building a successful business as a personal trainer, coach, wellness professional or Fit Pro in this age of technology. This upward trend has just starting and it’s here to stay....

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Lean In with Amanda Mittleman

Winner of the 2016 Todd Durkin “Mastermind Trainer of the Year.” BodyEvolver Video Interview With Amanda Mittleman of Mo-Mentum Fitness. Listen, watch or read her inspiring story. Amanda’s Interview Trailer! Amanda Mittleman is a vibrant, passionate trainer out of Huntington Beach, California. Her excitement and enthusiasm for what she does is absolutely contagious – just watch this video interview she did with Mike, and you’ll be itching to get after your goals! Amanda’s interest in anatomy and physiology came out of necessity when her son and daughter (twins!) were born with health issues. Doctors were cautious about their outcome, but Amanda took it upon herself to research and learn everything she could to make sure her babies stayed healthy and so she understood everything the doctors were (and were not) telling her. “I developed a love and appreciation for health,”...

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Kaitlin’s (Real World) Experience with a Fitbit

“Sitting is the new smoking.”   By Kaitlin Pisano   This phrase has become HUGELY popular recently in the corporate world of health and wellness.  My 9-5 full-time gig is in an office, where I spend most of my day sitting on my butt staring at a computer screen, and I bet that’s the case for a LOT of your clients. Since my job involves working with Human Resources departments across many different industries, I have a unique perspective on what office culture is like at different companies. One thing I’ve noticed recently is a huge push in the direction of health and wellness. Think about it: if you run a company, you want it to be as efficient as possible. If your employees are unhealthy, they’ll call out of work sick, need to go to doctor’s appointments, and...

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FREE Movement Principles from Cook

Here are “FREE Movement Principles” from Cook that you need to consider for your clients! You know, there are incredible people who work in our Industry who bring concepts and ideas to the forefront for all to benefit from. Gray Cook is such a man. (Download his latest document – Gray Cook Movement Principles) The functional movement screening is well accepted in our Industry and quite frankly it’s awesome. The merit it brings to the training equation is incredible! Back 20 years ago, no one was talking about this stuff that I knew. As a trainer, you just had to relax, think about human movement and physiology and figure out peoples junk. Bottom line, the onset of the Functional Movement Screen (which is a reflection of these Movement Principles from Cook) has shifted the focus of many personal trainer to fix movement...

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