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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

Trainer Success Story ~ Hayley

This trainer success story started with Hayley Ferreira losing 98 lbs. Three years ago becoming a personal trainer was not a consideration for Hayley Ferriera.  In fact she mentions in the interview that all of her friends would have never thought this would be her reality. (See Video Below) As you’ll hear in the interview, she was fed up with her situation, took action … and before she knew it she found a love for personal training. Now, she is on cloud 9 (or “Heaven on Earth” so to speak 😉  helping and serving others.   Eckhart Tolle mentions in his best selling book “The Power of Now”, that human interaction is one of the best spiritual practices. This has certainly been true for me. Conscious Human Interaction Simply practicing the art of presence, whether meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or conscious human interaction....

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Barefoot, or not to Barefoot

That is the question! Last week, my friend Jill and I were discussing whether we should barefoot, or not to barefoot. We are both excited about this course. It’s so cool how we continue to learn things that often go unnoticed … and in this case for decades.  The more we understand our bodies and the way they work, the more empowered we are to “dial it in” and improve our function as we age. Enhancing your connection to your body is something everyone should consider. Sadly, most do not. Jill asked me to share what I am seeing everyday on the East Coast of the USA in Boston. Listen in on the conversation: Understanding this will have serious impact on ourselves and our clients. Seeking to understand never gets old! This insight is worthy of “seeking to understand” and then...

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Health News from Summer 2017

Did you see the Health News from Summer 2017? I wanted to make sure it got into the right hands because you need to share with your clients. Finally, scientific research is revealing the reason why most humans are experiencing a very low quality of life while setting themselves up for any number of diseases and the need to buy expensive medicine. Most of them don´t know that they can avoid all of these sicknesses if the just look up some Kratom Masters info to see al the health benefits that it has. That´s why it is really important to take care of your body and maintaining a great lifestyle. A great recommendation would be to check out this science based sixpack by thomas delauer, it is a wonderful weight loss plan. Much of what has emerged out of big business...

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New 2017 Obesity Classification

1 in 3 Americans are NOW considered Obese. (Sadly the U.S. leads the world in this dysfunction) Here is the “New Obesity Classification”. If you are a Fit Pro … print and post for all to see and consider. All three methods can be identified and tracked in BodyEvolver Software for Health / Fitness Professionals Thank you to the Obesity Medicine Association. Download and share. Communicate with your clients about the risks from the choices they make. With a little support from someone who cares, people can do amazing things! (Right click / Save image as … to save this on your local computer) Shedding light on a persons risk and showing them objective feedback about their health is often the tipping point in helping them to change behavior.   Seeing is believing When you show clients their reality,...

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TEAM Training and Continuing Education

In this post: 1. TEAM Training and Continuing Education with Eric Beard from LifeFitness with our friends at The MAXX!!  (AKA Maxx Fitness Franchise) 2. Next Workshop Jill is holding in Kansas Nov 11th. 3. FREE “Group Training Profits” packet, to help accelerate the growth of your business. #1: For whatever reason, the first part of this post feels like a “What I did on one of my Summer vacation!” post! Well, that’s because it’s literally what I did on one of my planned vacation days. I love fitness, … and I owe my life’s work to Confucius.  I am grateful I embraced this statement when I was 18…   “He who finds work that he loves, will never work a day in his life.”  Confucius   Last week, I went to a Team Training seminar with a few Managers,...

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Two Step Client Communication Guide

Client communication makes or breaks your business. It makes sales easy, guarantees retention and delivers free referrals. Seriously. This “Two Step Client Communication Guide” breaks down the elements that matter.   This was put together for two reasons: Share these seldom used tactics for the greater good of our community of personal training and coaching. Announcement to our subscribers about another system upgrade that improves communication. After spending years interviewing Fitness Professionals about their client on-boarding process, I’ve realized that simple methods are typically not implemented. That is why this message needs to be shared so we can advance our field while improving our chances of success.   WARNING:   This is not for trainers and coaches who: Put their own needs before the client. Are more interested in showing cool new exercises and awesome workouts instead of listening to the client. Think “quick hit” manipulative sales is great long-term game in...

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