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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

BodyEvolver Testimonial Video

Check out what they have to say in this BodyEvolver testimonial video!! We love providing value to those who take their career as a fitness professional seriously. Delivering client results, whatever they may be is critical to your success. We make that easy!     After 25 years experience in the trenches and 14 years of listening to the modern needs of trainers, finally there is a system you can depend on.  This will accelerate your success while saving your time and money and making it crystal clear the value and professionalism you bring to your clients everyday. Nothing matters more than that!      ...

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Health News from Summer 2017

Did you see the Health News from Summer 2017? I wanted to make sure it got into the right hands because you need to share with your clients. Finally, scientific research is revealing the reason why most humans are experiencing a very low quality of life while setting themselves up for any number of diseases and the need to buy expensive medicine. Most of them don´t know that they can avoid all of these sicknesses if the just look up some Kratom Masters info to see al the health benefits that it has. That´s why it is really important to take care of your body and maintaining a great lifestyle. A great recommendation would be to check out this science based sixpack by thomas delauer, it is a wonderful weight loss plan. Much of what has emerged out of big business...

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TEAM Training and Continuing Education

In this post: 1. TEAM Training and Continuing Education with Eric Beard from LifeFitness with our friends at The MAXX!!  (AKA Maxx Fitness Franchise) 2. Next Workshop Jill is holding in Kansas Nov 11th. 3. FREE “Group Training Profits” packet, to help accelerate the growth of your business. #1: For whatever reason, the first part of this post feels like a “What I did on one of my Summer vacation!” post! Well, that’s because it’s literally what I did on one of my planned vacation days. I love fitness, … and I owe my life’s work to Confucius.  I am grateful I embraced this statement when I was 18…   “He who finds work that he loves, will never work a day in his life.”  Confucius   Last week, I went to a Team Training seminar with a few Managers,...

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Two Step Client Communication Guide

Client communication makes or breaks your business. It makes sales easy, guarantees retention and delivers free referrals. Seriously. This “Two Step Client Communication Guide” breaks down the elements that matter.   This was put together for two reasons: Share these seldom used tactics for the greater good of our community of personal training and coaching. Announcement to our subscribers about another system upgrade that improves communication. After spending years interviewing Fitness Professionals about their client on-boarding process, I’ve realized that simple methods are typically not implemented. That is why this message needs to be shared so we can advance our field while improving our chances of success.   WARNING:   This is not for trainers and coaches who: Put their own needs before the client. Are more interested in showing cool new exercises and awesome workouts instead of listening to the client. Think “quick hit” manipulative sales is great long-term game in...

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FitnessFest Discount

For the first time, get your FitnessFest Discount because we are Sponsoring! We’ll be running the Obstacle Course. LOOK OUT!! So, lace up your sneakers and let’s go! Get your discount NOW before the price goes up!   Going to great events like this is how you stay ahead of your competition. Meeting other inspiring Fitness Professionals while earning CEU’s and learning how to grow your Fitness Business with resources from services like Optimized Fitness and others … this is a great event to attend! This is the workshop I’ll be presenting on Sat at 8am. (Right after the Obstacle Course)  It is all about getting system in place to get your “Assessments On Point”, get and stay organized and drive sales and retention! “Nothing is more important than your clients’ results! Learn why assessing and re-assessing progress is the...

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Do Your Job

I love the city of Boston!  Today, the saying “Do your Job!” is ringing clearly. After spending 24 years on this very block of Boylston St. training thousands of people.  To me, this is right in the middle of everything “Boston!” Today will be no exception. It is early and the city is prepped to celebrate the greatest Superbowl ever. Why? Because the Patriots did one simple thing. This block of Boylston St is where I have done my job. Between all the Championship parades for Red Sox, Celtics and Pats, not to mention this is also two blocks from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. On this block I have witnessed all of it. I remember when I graduated from college in ’94 I said to myself “If I am going to have a career as a...

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