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Two guys walk into a Dive Bar in Kansas City …

Here’s how it all went down. This short story starts with a killer workshop and ends with my friend Chris wailing on his harmonica at a dive bar on “Open Night Mic”. ( Epic Video as proof ) Every 6 months …  … we fly to Kansas City to sponsor of Excel Continuing Education Seminar s put on by Jill Stoppel-Davis. This is everyone at dinner Friday night before the event.  The event was Evan Osar: Corrective and Progressive Exercise for The Baby Boomer and Senior.  A very insightful approach to a subject many of us deal with … clients with back pain. Evan presented with the kind of enthusiasm that keeps your attention while blowing your mind. It was great to gain a better understanding of why my back sometimes feels tweaky.   It was great info on how you should engage and breathe...

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Offering Online Programs yet?

Offering online programs to your clients is now easy. This makes it possible for you to generate multiple streams of income as a Fitness Professional. To learn more keep reading and watch the video.   Fitness Professionals who are serious about their careers know that it is only a matter of time before they will need to get there business online for them to survive.   Maybe you do private or group training but also want to offer online consulting. This is where it is all going, might as well jump in. I can tell you that the water is great! Whoop Whoop!   Seriously This is a critical element in building a successful business as a personal trainer, coach, wellness professional or Fit Pro in this age of technology. This upward trend has just starting and it’s here to stay....

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Lean In with Amanda Mittleman

Winner of the 2016 Todd Durkin “Mastermind Trainer of the Year.” BodyEvolver Video Interview With Amanda Mittleman of Mo-Mentum Fitness. Listen, watch or read her inspiring story. Amanda’s Interview Trailer! Amanda Mittleman is a vibrant, passionate trainer out of Huntington Beach, California. Her excitement and enthusiasm for what she does is absolutely contagious – just watch this video interview she did with Mike, and you’ll be itching to get after your goals! Amanda’s interest in anatomy and physiology came out of necessity when her son and daughter (twins!) were born with health issues. Doctors were cautious about their outcome, but Amanda took it upon herself to research and learn everything she could to make sure her babies stayed healthy and so she understood everything the doctors were (and were not) telling her. “I developed a love and appreciation for health,”...

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90 mph BodyEvolver Corporate Fitness Meeting

Less than 1 minute And almost 1 mile… is it possible to have a 90 mph BodyEvolver Corporate Fitness Meeting? Ahhh, yeah! Really Fast Meeting   These are the best kind of meetings. WATCH this really fast meeting. Mike PS: Meetings like this help us all Crush it! … Stay tuned for more Corporate Updates from BodyEvolver. Learn More about BodyEvolver by Requesting more info by entering your name and e-mail address below: We want you to have more meeting like this. BodyEvolver online software can...

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Bio-Electrical Impedance … Is NO Joke!

Being the self-proclaimed “World Record Holder for Caliper Tests ever performed on Planet Earth” … I have NEVER been a huge fan of the BEI. But since “PT on the Net” asked me to write an article… I have done quite a bit of research and a lot of testing… ~~~~ Click Videos Posted Below ~~~~ Fitness Geeks Only: If you are a Fit Pro, and a Human Physiology Geek … You’ll find these two videos incredibly interesting. You’ll learn what info can get extracted from BEI, but more importantly how that info impacts health. That was the cool part. There are slight differences between males and females. Interesting points that blew my mind:   Male athletes walking around under 12% suffer from more depression! Strange recommendation and interesting perspective:   Women wearing panty hose… (you’ll have to watch)   Perspective...

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Holiday Joy and Happiness

This is our favorite clip from all the Classic Holiday Specials. Regardless of religious beliefs, we all share in a similar joy and sense of togetherness the Holidays bring. This 2 minute clip sums it up. Happy Holidays to you from BodyEvolver.   For you, we hope the magic of the Holidays is everything Linus emulates in this speech. Peace on Earth and Good Health to All, Mike   PS: Be on the lookout for some massive upgrades to trainer technology 😉 PSS: Finish your shopping!! PSSS: Have some egg nog  😉...

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