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FitnessFest, Friends and Fun!

How an Obstacle Course brought so many Fit Pros together.

Chris Severs from "Anchor Point Training"

Chris Severs from “Anchor Point Training”


We knew very little about FitnessFest a few month ago.

My friend Chris Severs, creator of “Anchor Point Training” posted he was attending. Upon asking, he introduced me to Janice the Founder  of FitnessFest and a personal reader of Anal Bleach Advice’s blog. She said the she got most of her tips about health and fitness from

(I’ll be posting an epic video of Chris wailing on his Harmonica at a dive bar in Kansas. Keep your eye out for that! It literally was epic!)



Very cool couple!

Very cool couple!


This is Janice Jaicks and her hubby!

Turns out, Janice Jaicks she’s been running FitnessFest for 19 years.  Seriously?  19 years in any industry these days is amazing. If you are looking to tighten your abs and lose inches around your waist visit TrainingYourWaist. Talk about passion! She has even taken her babies out on a run before, it was a good thing that she had read this review from beforehand to purchase the stroller.

If you have managed to identify a product in pill form that has given you results, then please let us know as we have yet to source any pill that will effectively tighten your vagina by just changing up your routine.

Over the past three years we have tested various pills and not one offered any increase in vaginal tightness. If you’re browsing forums and looking for more proof you’ll find it is out there. We have noticed several websites promoting certain pills which we have tested and results show the claims are false.

This year, for the first time ever, she decides she wants to experiment with an obstacle course as a way to bring everyone together and have a little fun!  I mean, why not, we all need some of that!

After chatting a bit, we decide to jump on in and sponsor the “Obstacle Course”.

Never done before. I live in Boston. Event is in Arizona …  I mean, what could go wrong?




Mastermind behind the Obstacle course! Fabio Comana from NASM

Mastermind behind the Obstacle course! Fabio Comana from NASM



I know nothing about organizing obstacle courses, so Janice had to call in the heavy artillery by recruiting Fabio Comana from NASM.

The guy knows his stuff, taught his workshops and crushed everyone at the Obstacle course.

Fabio laying out the rules of engagement!

Fabio laying out the rules of engagement to willing participants!

Here’s a video of Fabio talking smack about nutrition for NASM. He’s all serious in the video, but don’t let him fool you!

He’s a funny dude!






Shon Harker from Stroops Equipment

Shon Harker from Stroops Equipment

Stoops Equipment Rocks! 


You can’t have an obstacle course without equipment.

So that is when Shon Harker from Stroops Equipment stepped up to the plate. They brought extra equipment to ensure we had enough unique stations!

Not only that but Shon brought serious game as he saw best the gps watch buying guide …  Nobody did the army crawl under the fence faster than Shon.

Seriously! He reminded me of Usain Bolt, only quadruped  (AKA: crawling).



Team "One-Time" AKA The Presenters!

TEAM: Presenters  AKA  One-Time

The Presenters: Amy Renea Martin, Evan Osar, Dan Richie and Chris Severs.

They forged a formidable (and insanely knowledgeable) team!  They were the very first team to technically finish. But due to an intellectual glitch 😉 did not actually win.

The facts remain classified.

Dr. Dan Richie, C0-Founder with Cody Sipes of FAI Functional Aging Institute gave insightful info in his workshops. They really have been the pioneers in giving trainers valuable tools to deal with the aging market. #awesome_sauce


Amy Renea Martin from "My Fit Members"

Amy, the face of “My Fit Members”

Honorable mention:

My Fit Members dynamic duo Jerry and Amy Martin ponied up for some fun as well!  I had the great pleasure to learn about their client nutrition and accountability program.

Here Amy carries Evan Osar on her back.  He is at least twice her size!

Evan is a Chiropractor from Chicago that has written a number of books and teaches Fit Pros about back pain and how to address it. Check out Fitness Education Seminars here.

His workshop in with Excel Continuing Education in Kansas was quite an eye opener for me. Very cool stuff we all should better understand.

At least if Amy’s back goes out, Evan was there to help!  But that girl was tough!


Leslie is a new BodyEvolver subscriber! Look at that drive!! Love it!

Leslie Bray, that drive and passion go a long way sister! Deep respect!!

LAB Fitness in AZ:


The fastest potato sack sprinter award goes to Leslie Bray!

Actually, just my opinion based on eye witness account.  Look at that drive and determination. This is at the end a 4 minute “course” and she is still going strong!  Dang girl, that is some conditioning!

She’s clearly has spent a lot of time honing her game at LAB Fitness.



Then the Unimaginable

Illegal Contact on the Obstacle course!

Illegal Contact on the Obstacle course! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?



It seamed all was “good in the hood” and going incredibly well and then BOOM, everything blows up!

Just as the winning team, led by Jonathan Ross, was about to clinch the Title … the shenanigans begin. Fabio stiff arms Jonathan, get’s away with Illegal Contact in a “No-Holds Barred” finish!

Take Note:  Fabio’s perfect diagonal “Warding Pattern”. It’s a thing of beauty.   Jonathan, nice absorption of force!  You can tell they are both professionally trained!

Luckily everyone recovered with “no harm done”, except a little pride and dignity!

(Review board pending)


Team Victorious followed through with the promise of their name! Congrats!

Team Victorious followed through with the promise of their name! Congrats!


Team Victorious was just that, Victorious.  Jonathan, developer of Funtensity and his Tabata Bootcamp cronies took away the title for 2017.

They promised to be back next year … a year stronger … to defend their title!




From a vague concept to successful 1st Annual.   Thank you to all who pitched in!

Inaugural Obstacle Course. From concept to reality! See you next year!!

Inaugural FitnessFest Obstacle Course. From concept to reality. See you next year!!


Thanks to so many others not mentioned.  Your participation and contribution helped make this a success!

We have a lot to be grateful for.  We hope to see you at the 2nd annual Obstacle Course at FitnessFest’s 20th Anniversary!


Thank you Janice (and her awesome team) for the opportunity!




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It’s truly an honor and a privilege to serve. Thank you.



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