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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

Managing Fitness Clients & Membership Base

Manage your Personal Training Client Fitness Records with a few clicks…

Managing your client and/or membership base is not a easy task. In today’s market there are plenty of tools to assist you with scheduling, billing and communicating, but only BodyEvolver enables you to comprehensively manage the health of the client and your business at the same time.

BodyEvolver features 3 distinctive management tools:

1. The Client Control Panel – With the Client Control Panel, keep comprehensive permanent records of measurements and progress on each one of your clients. Your records are backed up in three secure locations to ensure their safety. To learn more about the Client Control Panel, visit the “Track” page.

2. 30-60-90 Fitness Report – Use this report to manage, when your clients are due to be measured again and how many times the’ve been measured. In addition, quickly email or view your client’s cell phone number.

This is a example of the Report below: (Note last names and phone numbers have been removed for privacy reasons

30 60 90 Day Fitness Report

3.  Birthday Fitness Report – Use this report to quickly few a clients age and Birthdate.  Never forget a client’s Birthday, using the Birthday Report. In addition, quickly email so you can send them a Birthday message.

This is a example of the Report below: (Note last names have been removed for privacy reasons.)

Birthday Fitness Review Report


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