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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

Measure Body Composition

The #1 way to Measure Body Composition


These reports educate clients while changing the way they think!

Fitness Professionals, regardless of your experience level, can quickly and accurately complete body composition measurements, using BodyEvolver’s exclusive BodyCheck page.

Using BodyEvolver’s step-by-step guide, you’ll quickly enter accurate body composition measurements to produce beautiful reports and benchmark pages.

Skinfold tests, as opposed to bio-electrical impedance analysis, are more useful in discovering where a person holds the most fat and can even provide clear markers to better program these clients for exercise.

Our “BodyCheck Report” details an in-depth body composition analysis, provides a benchmark to now evaluate the quantitative progress of your clients.

Track 14 male body comp measurement locations
& 12 female measurement sites


This is the Male BodyCheck page, there are 14 measurement sites and a field to record “Weight” and “Date Measured”.



This is the Female BodyCheck page, there are 12 measurement sites and a field to record “Weight” and “Date Measured”.


Circumference and Skinfold measurements are taken to calculate a client’s true body fat percentage. As you hover your mouse over each field on the form, and it will show you exactly where and how to take that measurement, ensuring that follow-up measurements are taken consistently.

Here are a few examples:



This impact-ful report helps educate clients and give them a clear perspective on their current state of health and where they need to be.

Nothing is more important to your training business than showing your clients results. This includes measuring body composition. With BodyEvolver Fitness software you can simply plug in the skin-fold number and the system will do all the math and generate an automatic report giving you and your client all the facts you need to get cracking on that fitness program.

BodyEvolver recommends using the Gulick Measuring tape and Lange Skinfold Calipers.


But if you are doing online consulting or you would rather use a different method of collecting body composition, such as a simple umbilicus circumference or you use a tanita scale (AKA BEI: Bio-Electrical Impedance) you can use the caliper free method within the system.

Bottom line, you must measure body composition and track client progress!

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