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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

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An easy to use platform that saves you time, keeps you organized, simplifies accountability, track client progress, increase retention ... basically empowers you to dominate. Just ask your brothers and sisters

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Differentiate Yourself

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Most Recent Articles

TEAM Training and Continuing Education

In this post: 1. TEAM Training and Continuing Education with Eric Beard from LifeFitness with our friends at The MAXX!!  (AKA Maxx Fitness Franchise) 2. Next Workshop Jill is holding in Kansas Nov 11th. 3. FREE “Group Training Profits” packet, to help accelerate the growth of your business. #1: For whatever reason, the first part of this post feels like a “What I did on one of my Summer vacation!” post! Well, that’s because it’s literally what I did on...

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Two Step Client Communication Guide

Client communication makes or breaks your business. It makes sales easy, guarantees retention and delivers free referrals. Seriously. This “Two Step Client Communication Guide” breaks down the elements that matter.   This was put together for two reasons: Share these seldom used tactics for the greater good of our community of personal training and coaching. Announcement to our subscribers about another system upgrade that improves communication. After spending years interviewing Fitness Professionals about their client on-boarding process, I’ve realized that simple methods are typically not...

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Two guys walk into a Dive Bar in Kansas City …

Here’s how it all went down. This short story starts with a killer workshop and ends with my friend Chris wailing on his harmonica at a dive bar on “Open Night Mic”. ( Epic Video as proof ) Every 6 months …  … we fly to Kansas City to sponsor of Excel Continuing Education Seminar s put on by Jill Stoppel-Davis. This is everyone at dinner Friday night before the event.  The event was Evan Osar: Corrective and Progressive Exercise for The...

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FitnessFest, Friends and Fun!

How an Obstacle Course brought so many Fit Pros together.   We knew very little about FitnessFest a few month ago. My friend Chris Severs, creator of “Anchor Point Training” posted he was attending. Upon asking, he introduced me to Janice the Founder  of FitnessFest and a personal reader of Anal Bleach Advice’s blog. She said the she got most of her tips about health and fitness from (I’ll be posting an epic video of Chris wailing on his Harmonica at...

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FitnessFest Discount

For the first time, get your FitnessFest Discount because we are Sponsoring! We’ll be running the Obstacle Course. LOOK OUT!! So, lace up your sneakers and let’s go! Get your discount NOW before the price goes up!   Going to great events like this is how you stay ahead of your competition. Meeting other inspiring Fitness Professionals while earning CEU’s and learning how to grow your Fitness Business with resources from services like Optimized Fitness and others … this is...

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