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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

Track Fitness Goals

An Evolution in Reporting:
BodyEvolver’s Client Control Panel

The Client Control Panel is the nerve center of BodyEvolver. From this one page you can access all 24 reports, upload pictures, take notes, e-mail your client, print reports and begin a new BodyCheck. But, most importantly show your personal training client’s their progress.


BodyEvolver has extensive reporting capabilities. Enhance your personal training client’s training experience by presenting the facts of body composition via a series of 24 richly detailed reports customized for your client’s individual conditions and needs.

Using our Circumference, SkinFold and Essential Numbers reports, clients can easily understand where they started, and witness what changes have occurred in every area of their body over time. It’s a excellent motivational tool and will increase your personal training client’s perceived value of your services. See a sample client PDF/printout here: fitness goal report example

The reports are designed to tell a story of a clients journey and will show your personal training clients where they stand today and their progress over time as they continue training. These reports reveal information that would otherwise be hard to quantify and explain. Their positive impact will increase your ability to retain them as clients long term!

For example, over an intense three week period of workouts your personal training client John has only lost three pounds and he’s less than thrilled.  But BodyEvolver’s Reports clearly illustrates that John actually lost 5lbs of fat and gained 2lbs of muscle.  John now heads home motivated to work even harder now that he’s seeing real results!

Example of one of 24 reports you can provide for your personal training clients:

Essentials Fitness Charts Report

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