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Trainer Success Story ~ Hayley

This trainer success story started with Hayley Ferreira losing 98 lbs.

Three years ago becoming a personal trainer was not a consideration for Hayley Ferriera.  In fact she mentions in the interview that all of her friends would have never thought this would be her reality.

(See Video Below)

As you’ll hear in the interview, she was fed up with her situation, took action … and before she knew it she found a love for personal training.

At a perfect 22% body fat, Hayley is now sharing the fitness love!

Now, she is on cloud 9 (or “Heaven on Earth” so to speak 😉  helping and serving others.   Eckhart Tolle mentions in his best selling book “The Power of Now”, that human interaction is one of the best spiritual practices. This has certainly been true for me.

Conscious Human Interaction

Simply practicing the art of presence, whether meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or conscious human interaction. As a trainer, you share knowledge and insights while seeking to understand the client in order to best serve them.  That is the kind of connecting with others that changes lives, particularly in this new world of social media where deep connections are rare.

It’s amazing how a little inspiration mixed with perspiration, enthusiasm and joy can blossom into a lifestyle driven by passion and purpose.

Emotions shared … It’s Personal

My favorite part of this interview is near the end when Hayley describes how it feels and the emotions that get stirred from connecting with clients by sharing both the good days and bad days.

Feel the glow and the love from my friend Hayley as she tells her story!

Hayley is a perfect 22% bodyfat

Hayley is truly a self-made trainer success story and is now awarded the opportunity to share her new found passion of serving others!

Way to go Hayley! Whoop Whoop sister!

Thank you Hayley

Hayley, thank you for sharing your story with me personally, and thank you for letting me interview you!   (A side note, when I randomly called Hayley the other morning to chat, I hit her up for an interview and two minutes later we were chatting on zoom,  I love technology!!!)

I believe every personal trainer can relate to what she shares in some capacity.  In fact, it’s exactly why most trainers pursue personal training … to share their passion for fitness and health, while connecting on a deep level that changes lives for the better.


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