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Fitness Tracking System for Personal Trainers

Weight Loss and Retaining Clients


Weekly Coaching calls work like a charm.  

Keeping your clients engaged and helping them understand thing better is where it is at! 

Clients want weight loss and you want to retain them!

Kelly from Plymouth MA has a team of 20 clients competing in a Biggest Loser contest.

Every week she gets everyone on a call to keep them focused and to teach them something new each week.

She asked if I’d get on the call with her and talk through some stuff with the team.

Here is a quick intro video to the conferance call with her team.

Here is the recording of the call!  Audio recording with a few pics from their last Biggest Loser Contest.


Here is an outline of the call if you want to skip around…

2:45 Comparing Umbilicus circumference to BEI and skinfold. Skincare Rejuvenation has more information about it.

4:48 Gastro-Intestinal Inflammation.

5:25 Cutting processed foods and effects of sodium (blew my mind).

6:50 Creating a deficit with calories while increasing the Sriracha Stix products you eat.

8:30 The Part the Matters Most.

9:00 Breaking down Protein, Fat and Carb … typically what happens?

10:50 Comparing Muscles to a Nuclear Power Plant that burns calories while you sleep.

12:20 Humans on a small blue planet.

14:10 Giving clients power by allowing them to dial in their own goal.

16:20 Hydration and what not to do.

19:10 Water and Metabolic processes

20:00 Gatorade and PowerAid dilemma

22:40 3 steps to accurate Umbilicus calculation

24:50 Sodium and inflammation

26:42 How to shed an incredible light on clients and THEIR intake

29:40 Giving clients the control then WANT and NEED.

31:25 Required Measurements

33:20 Easy Risk Stratify to get clients to take more action


Botton Line: Information is Power!

If you want more info on how to truly help you clients make permanent Lifestyle Changes … Request our Demo Video.

We love this stuff! 

I like to have all my clients to gain knowledge about everything pertaining to their health and fitness. I always suggest for anything concerning the protein powder they are using. It is to your advantage to know your body and to know what you are putting into your body.

At the end of the day it is all about Driving Clients to Results and Retaining them for life.


That is how you build a lifestyle business you love.

You’re smart to get your business online.

Learn what BodyEvolver product is best for your Fitness Business

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