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Privacy Policy (most recently updated on December 28, 2010)

  1. This Privacy Policy covers only the Website provided by the Host ( and applies only to Entered Information that is provided electronically to the Website.
  2. By using the Website, the user acknowledges and agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy in the forms in which it is posted on the Website from time to time.
  3. The Entered Information includes information provided by (a) a user (for example when the user registers or uses the Website), (b) an Authorized Trainer on behalf of a Client, or (c) any third party authorized by a Client or an Authorized Trainer, and information that can be inferred from or collected automatically by the Host or any other party in connection with registration on or use of the Website.
  4. The inferred or automatically collected Entered Information may include, for example, information about when, where, and how often the Website is used, the types of devices (and their IP addresses) from which the Website is used, the pages of the Website and other Websites that are visited, the order in which they are visited, information (such as registration information) associated with cookies that may be stored by the Host on a device, and information provided by other parties, including other online sites and advertising partners.
  5. The Entered Information may include private Personally- Identifiable Information of or about Clients, Authorized Trainers, and Subscribers, including, for example, names, street addresses, email addresses, pictures, and videos (and related metadata).
  6. The Entered Information may include Non-Personally Identifiable Information of or about Clients, Authorized Trainers, and Subscribers. Non-Personally-Identifiable Information may include, for example, height, body masses, demographic information, skills, training, city, state, zip code, dates of use, devices on which used, diet, training plans, age, birthdate, outcome, commercial, financial, and transactional information, and other information that, in the absence of Personally Identifiable Information, could not typically be associated with any particular Client, Authorized Trainer, or Subscriber.
  7. The Entered Information must not relate to a child younger than 13. The Host will delete any such Entered Information as soon as it becomes aware that the person to whom it relates is younger than 13.
  8. Entered Information may be stored by or on behalf of the Host and used (1) to provide, adjust, evaluate, and improve the features of the Website, (2) to help a user to use the Website including contacting the user as needed, and (3) to select or customize advertising to be displayed on the Website,
  9. The Host applies reasonable business practices (including Server firewall technology and the use of the Authentication Information) aimed at keeping Personally-Identifiable Information confidential and to prevent its unauthorized disclosure to or use by parties other than Authorized Trainers, Subscribers, or Clients, or anyone specifically authorize by a Client, Authorized Trainer, or Subscriber. Even after a user stops using the Website, the Host may maintain an archive copy of the user's Personally-Identifiable Information.
  10. Non-Personally Identifiable Information may be used by the Host (or any party to whom the Host grants rights or a license) for any purpose, at any time (including after the user stops using the Website), at any place, and under any commercial terms (without any obligation to compensate the user). One purpose for which the Host intends to use the Non-Personally Identifiable Information, for example, is, in combination with other information from other users, to develop, report, and distribute statistical demographic studies on body mass across large populations.
  11. The Entered Information and rights provided by this Privacy Policy may be transferred to any entity to which the Host also transfers substantially all of its business related to the Website, subject to the then current version of this Privacy Policy.
  12. The Host may disclose your Entered Information in response to subpoenas, court orders, or other requests (including in criminal and civil matters) when the Host reasonably believes such a response is legally required.

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