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Health Clubs
Let BodyEvolver will take your Services to the Next Level!

Differentiate your club from the competition and increase your bottom line by using professional software that adds noticeable value to your clients experience and keeps them coming back. 


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Drive Membership Sales:

Use BodyEvolver PT Pro as a sales tool to encourage prospective members to join your health club.  Using real data from BodyEvolver PT Pro, your sales team can prove the efficacy of being a part of YOUR gym. These success stories, will start new memberships.


At most Health Clubs anyone who buys a membership gets two personal training sessions which include a body composition test to set a starting point.


The genius of the BodyEvolver system is that it can calculate exactly the amount of food and exercise necessary for a member to achieve a set goal by a set date. 


How many brides-to-be join a club in order to look great for their wedding?  The BodyEvolver system is the ideal way to handle this mission.


Encourage Long-Term Membership:

Fitness clubs use BodyEvolver PT Pro to provide their members with an accurate picture of their health period! Including a diagnostic snapshot of body composition over time, relative health and standard measurements such as BMI, waist to hip ratio and body fat.


The system retains this data on every body composition taken, so a member could check every month to see if their workouts are giving them the results they want.  This translates into a major incentive for members to remain a member of your club.



Increase Personal Training Revenue:
Clients buy personal training services in order to look and feel better. From their very first session with a trainer, perspective clients can see their goals mapped out into a realistic plan administered by your training staff. 


This is a major differentiator between BodyEvolver and other tools being used today. Not only does it make your staff more professional, and prove the ability of your facility to deliver results, it keeps clients motivated and accountable.  This translates into a major incentive for members to sign up for regular sessions with a personal trainer, creating a point of sale for new training revenue.


Client Retention:

If you deliver amazing results to your clients.  They will keep returing for more.  Next thing you know their friends and family members are joining for the same great results.  We all know that referals are the best way to grow your business and make more money!  With PT Pro you make these kind of results GUARANTEED.  



We'd love to talk to you about why you're not already using BodyEvolver PT Pro.  We know you're going to love it!


Contact Us for a quote based upon the number of facilities and trainers you have.  PT Pro will drive training sales and client retention guaranteed!