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Cloud Technology for EVERY Trainer!
Re-Inventing Personal Training
How Cloud Software Helps Trainers and Fitness Pros | BodyEvolver by Mike D'Angelo

BodyEvolver is a online software program that brings together science and technology. Now Fitness Professionals can collect, store and manage client health information, quickly, easily and all in a single location. 

BodyEvolver's comprehensive system, greatly enhances your services by streamlining the training process and allowing you to focus on your client and not all the "Yucky" paperwork.

BodyEvolver breaks down the approach to fitness into manageable daily, weekly and/or monthly goal.  Click on the links below to learn all about how we do it!

  • Measure - Record Circumference and Skinfold measurements 
  • Track - Monitor and report progress 
  • Plan - Set realistic goals
  • Manage - Manage the entire process all from one place

To learn more, click on STEP 1: MEASURE >