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Small Investment - Big Return
Why spend thousands in hardware when you can get all this? Cloud computing specific for trainers!

At BodyEvolver our mission is to develop innovative online tools which enable Fitness Professionals to maximize client results.   

In today's economy clients are demanding a higher quality of service at lower price. Integrating BodyEvolver into your training system, streamlines your process, reduces your workload and increases your revenue.


Choose the link below that best suits your needs!


1.  Fitness Professional - This subscription is the perfect fit for Independent Personal Trainers, Studios, Nutritionists, BootCamp Instructors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists.

2.  Club Administrator - This subscription is the perfect fit for any Club or business that sells memberships and/or has a high volume of clients.  It includes the ability to add an unlimited amount of trainers to the subscription. Contact us for a quote, simply tell us how many trainers you currently have.

3.  Fitness Enthusiast - Fitness Competitors - Due to popular demand, we will be adding this subscription in the future!  It is the perfect fit for an Enthusiast or Fitness Competitior.

This is for individuals who would track their own progress using BodyEvolver, independent of a personal trainer.



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